What Can I Sell?


You can sell virtually anything that you like as far as it is legal.

 Below are some questions that will help you decide:

  •   Do you own a store offline and would like to increase sales by taking your products online
  •  Do you know anyone who owns an offline store that will like to increase sales but doesn’t know how to use the Internet? … and wouldn’t want to? You can act as his broker.
  • Do you need to raise some cash and just get rid of some of your unwanted goods? Example an electronic good you own and want to upgrade or just don’t want it anymore…. It can be clothing as well… But should be your own.
  •  Are you in the real estate business and want to act as an agent to help sell of a home or just a land? Or do you know anyone who you would like to act as a broker for?
  •  Do you own or know anyone who trades in vehicles and vehicle parts? You can sell them on BidNigeria

 The possibilities are endless.

 As soon as we go live we will begin our mass promotion to get you the buyers for your products, so you have to be ready to roll.