How to start selling?

Here are the basics of listing items for sale:

To sell an item, you must be a registered user.

  1. Find an item you want to sell.
    Do some research on BidNigeria to get an idea of your item's potential value and best category placement. Search for items similar to yours to find out what other seller's starting prices and categories were.

  2. Top-up your account
    You will need to top-up your account with at least the minimum for the listing fees. This will allow you to pay for the listing fees during this process. Also note that you will alo be charged a final Value fee, which is a percentage of the total value of the product sold, and untill you have concluded payment on "Final Value" fees, BidNigeria system will hide the buyers detail from you.

  3. List your item.
    Click on 'Sell an Item' at the top of the window to create a new auction. Indicate the title and description of your item, and select a graphic image from your local hard drive if you wish to upload a picture of the item.

  4. Set your price.
    Specify the minimum starting bid and reserve price (optional) for your auction, and what types of payment you will accept. While this site allows you to specify payment methods, it does not process the payment for you. Choose the category in which your item should be. You may suggest a new category, but you must select an existing category for your new auction.

  5. Get paid!
    When your listing ends, contact your winning buyer through email within three business days. Let your buyer know the total price of the item, including your stated shipping costs, and how they can pay you.

  6. Ship the item.
    After payment is received, send the item to the buyer's shipping address, specified with their payment or by email.

  7. Leave feedback.
    After your successful sale, leave feedback for your buyer, and ask that they do the same.