Program Overview

Earning money with BidNigeria Partner Program is easy.

We do the work, you earn the cash...

We do a good work - we have a fantastic conversion ratio (depending on actual promotion), which means that if you target your potential clients, its most likely they will signup immediately and continue to put money into your pocket.

We do EVERYTHING - host the products, handle downloads and customer queries, and you get paid based on every lead by simply referring a visitor to us.

A lead is a regsitered user. As you already know, registration is free, so a very high percentage of your referals will regsiter the first time.


In the near future we will include commissions on sales made through the auction for the listing and final value fees, and as an active partner you will enjoy the fruit of your labor because your down line will automatically transform into your sub affiliates, paying you the big bucks... But you have to start right now!