How Are The Points Calculated?

This is the most exciting and rewarding online partner program in Nigeria today.

In a nut shell

You get comissions up to 4 level deep from your first referal
You can get 20,000 Naira FREE Cash to spend every month
The more you refer people to BidNigeria the more your commission per referal increases.
Refer more people to, and we will start paying you comissions just for them clicking on your advert

Once we go live with commissions for listing fees and final value auction fees, all your referrals will automatically turn into money making machines.

We have setup the affiliate system in-order to give you complete peace of mind and total earning power… Just a few mails you send out to your friends, family or potential clients can generate a fat account for you

Here's how...

The Referral Chart #1

Example what you can do with your commission

  • One member commission (15 Naira ) can buy you a product worth 10,000 Naira, and you can resell it at any price you like

  • 3 referrals can pay your listing fees, and you can sell any product on the auction platform


In no time you will just have to sit back and relax, while your recruits do the work for you

It Gets Even Better...

Every month, Bid Nigeria is giving away N20,000 cash to the top referral of that particular month.

Obviously the harder you work, the higher the rewards. Promote your affiliate link where ever you have the chance to (Do not Spam or your account will be suspended) ... Each month we will review the top referals of that month and we will send you 20,000.00 Naira Cash.

The more you refer people the more your reward increases by each referal.

When you register as an affiliate you will be ranked as a normal affiliate, however we offer you the chance to increase your rank from Normal Affiliate to BidNigeria Eagles and BidNigeria Lions.

Below is a chart of your earning and criteria

Normal Affiliate
Criteria - 150 Naira in the actual month 800 Naira in the actual month
Type Per Lead Per Lead Per Lead Per Click
First Level 15 NGN 30 NGN 50 NGN 0.2
Second Level 3 NGN 5 NGN 30 NGN 0.05
Third Level 0.5 NGN 0.9 NGN 10 NGN 0.01
Fourth Level 0.1 NGN 0.2 NGN 2 NGN 0.003


We've just released the chart that shows the money you will also be making from your downline, this is where you can really make a living online, earning anything from $1000 and above.

How it works?

Sellers will be charged a fee to list their product for sale, and when the auction closes with a winning bidder, we then charge a "final value fee", which is a percentage of the total amount the product was sold for.

This "Listing fee" plus"Final value fee" is what we are going to split with you.

I had a chat with one of our valued partners and we talked a bit more about the future and how BidNigeria will play a big part in giving you what you desire.

After the discussion, I realized that some people do not fully comprehend the impact of the opportunity you have right now…

I feel it only fair now to re-explain and add to that explanation as I did in the chat with your colleague…


You refer 1 person… (let's put aside the 4 level deep for now), now this person decides to sell his laptop on Bidnigeria, he will have to pay some listing charges say 300 Naira, now say after the auction is over he sells the laptop for $1200, now he will till have to pay BidNigeria a percentage of the goods sold, and let's say that this will be $60

So let's say approximately 300 Naira = $2, so this will mean the seller paid 60$ + $2 to sell his laptop.

***** Now this $62 Naira is what I am sharing with you…*****

On and average, from statistical research, a user usually has about 15 different products for sale at any one time, so imagine how much that will translate for you from one referral?

Now if you were referred by someone, that person who referred you will also get a commission from your own work

Of course it's a numbers game… the more people you have under you the more money you make with less effort.

The good news is that you now know way before others and can take advantage of this opportunity right now with minimum effort.

Below is the chart:

The Referral Chart #2

Normal Affiliate
Criteria - coming soon coming soon
Per Sale
Per Sale
Per Sale
First Level 10% 15% 30%
Second Level 5% 7% 10%
Third Level 3% 5% 6%
Fourth Level 2% 3% 4%
Total 20% 30% 50%