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Safe Trading Tips
Credible Feedback Rating
Here at BidNigeria we have created a system to diminish anonymity. Feedback rating is one of the best way’s to rate the credibility of a buyer. On BidNigeria feedback ratings also do have grades. Study the feedback of buyer or a seller. Watch out if the buyer or seller has al or majority of feedback from one buyer or seller. Also see if any of the users who left feedback are actually verified so that you can judge the credibility. The more positive feedback from different users who have been verified, the more you can trust this user. We are just at the beginning of the operational activities, so this message is more or less for future purposes. However, you should take precautions while dealing with another member at this stage.

Accepting Checks As A Method Of Payment
When you list your products for sale, always make sure you state the terms of your trade, and how you will be receiving payment. Some of you may accept checks as a form of payment. Make sure that the check is cleared before you release the product to the buyer.

Safe Escow Service
Escrow payments are one of the safest way to do business as it protects bothe the buyer and the seller. Watch out that you can trust the Escrow service or payment in foreign currencies, or even within Nigeria.

Hidden Charge
There are two types of charges you may expect when purchasing a product from someone who would require to ship or post it to you. You may need to pay for the delivery as a separate charge. Please study these charges carefully, and inquire if necessary. Sometime a seller can add additional cost to the delivery that is much higher that the normal delivery rate, hence you end up paying more for the product than expected. MAke sure you understand what you are paying for before you bid on a product.

Black-market/Counterfeit goods are also offered for sale on Internet auction sites. These goods include copied software, music CDs, videos, replica name brand items, etc. The goods are delivered without a box, warranty, or instructions. Here at BidNigeria we will have a strict policy against these sort of goods and will ban and take possible action against any user who post those goods. You as a buyer should not be deceived by thee kind of auctions as they will lead you to more problems.

Honest Bidding
Bidding on a product I regarded as a legally binding contract. Do not find yourself bidding on a product you do not want to purchase. If you are the winner you will be held liable to pay for this product after the auction ends.

Accurate Amount For Your Goods
Sometimes we become weak and tend to take advantage of an opportunity… if I may call it that way. But fair trading is the key to the success of your business. Beware of a buyer who wants to pay you more for your product or service, with instructions to send the remainder to a third party .